The 4 Myths About Dental Implants

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patient taking dental implants treatment

Not all patients are afraid of the dentist. However, most patients are not exactly thrilled to visit the dentist either. Often it is due to misconceptions and myths about dental procedures that one may undergo. Even so, many patients feel self-conscious about missing teeth or having mouth problems. They develop fear and uncertainty that may keep them from seeking the dental care they need.

Notably, dental implants near you allow a patient to keep a beautiful smile and continue enjoying foods that may be difficult to chew without healthy teeth. Often, a dentist may recommend a patient obtain dental implants. If the patient is still hesitant, it may be due to several myths about the implants and the procedure involved. Nevertheless, it would be best not to let misinformation prevent you from obtaining dental implants in Dearborn for a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. Below are demystified common myths.

Myth 1: Dental Implants Are Costly and Unaffordable

Some people insinuate that dental implants are expensive and exclusively for the rich. Dental implants are expensive when compared to dental bridges or dentures. That being said, these solutions last at most ten years. According to evaluations on some patients, dentures were found to result in jawbone loss and required additional adjustments and relining.

Moreover, dental bridges may increase the risk of fractures or decay in the adjacent teeth. On the other hand, dental implants improve your dental health by replacing teeth’ roots. Dental implants are renowned for being long-lasting and not requiring frequent changes. These dental solutions are sold at a lower price, and almost every patient can afford them.

Myth 2: You Regularly Take Painkillers to Reduce Dental Implant Surgery Pain

Without a doubt, any oral surgery can be painful and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, many patients allege implant placement is less painful than tooth removal. Sedation dentistry can help reduce pain and improve your dental experience. A dentist in Dearborn who uses modern dental techniques should ensure minimal discomfort. A dentist may prescribe painkillers. However, that should only be for a few days and will depend on an individual’s medical history of suppressing pain. That should not imply that a patient would take the painkillers for a prolonged period long after the dental implant surgery.

Myth 3: Getting Implants Is Painful

Many people believe that dental implant surgery is painful and unbearable. The truth is that the dental implant procedure is not painful, especially when sedation dentistry is involved. Typically, an oral surgeon will place the root of the implant into a patient’s jawbone and stitch the gum tissue closed around the root. Afterward, the oral surgeon opens the tissue and positions a crown on the root to complete the dental implant. That is when the prosthetic root has hardened to the bone. It is wise to visit a dental clinic near you for a dentist’s advice on staying comfortable during healing. You will hardly feel anything with topical anesthesia, oral sedation, or intravenous anesthesia.

Myth 4: A Patient Must Have Amazing Health

The only essential requirement is that a patient must have enough healthy bone to support dental implants. All the same, many people with acute jawbone loss can receive bone grafting. Underlying medical conditions should be controlled before the procedure. Otherwise, they have a high tendency to complicate any oral surgery. It is worth noting that they are not usually inhibitions to dental implant placement. Oral health complications like gum disease must be dealt with before a dental implant procedure.