Oral Exams Near You

An oral examination helps dentists to understand their patient’s oral health needs and smile goals. Oral exams are essential to preventive health care and can detect problems early on when they are most treatable. It is recommended to schedule regular oral exams bi-annually or at intervals determined by a dentist. If you want a dental exam and cleaning near you, contact us today! We offer dental exams and cleanings in Dearborn, MI.

What is an Oral Exam?

First, the patient will be asked to fill out paperwork, and once this is completed, they will be escorted into the treatment room. The dental hygienist will begin by discussing the patient’s medical history and current dental issues. Next, they will inspect the patient’s teeth and take digital X-rays to determine if there is decay or problems related to the root and bone structure.

After the digital X-rays are conducted, the dental hygienist will begin cleaning. A gritty toothpaste and high-powered electric toothbrush will eliminate residual tartar and brighten your smile. They will also measure the patient’s gum pockets and chart these results.

Lastly, the dental hygienist will polish the patient’s teeth. This process includes scaling, where tartar and plaque will be removed from the teeth and around the gum line.

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What Happens During an Oral Exam?

Our dentist will review the patient’s medical history and X-rays during an oral exam. Next, our dentist will discuss their findings and any necessary restorations with the patient. In addition, our dentist will ask if the patient has any cosmetic goals and will customize a treatment plan for the required dental work. Our dentist can also demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques for at-home care.

Dentists believe oral cancer screening is essential to every patient’s health and well-being. The screening process is painless and straightforward; the dentist only requires five minutes to determine if a patient is cancer-free. Visiting our dental clinic for dental exams and cleanings will keep your mouth healthy and prevent issues. To schedule a dental cleaning appointment, contact us today.

Findings of an Oral Exam

Complete oral exams can detect problems early on, which is the key to successful treatment. During an oral exam, our dentist will visually inspect the patient’s teeth as this can provide the following findings:

  • Teeth that are damaged, decayed or missing.
  • Early signs of cavities.
  • Symptoms of periodontal disease.
  • Problems with previous restorations (i.e., root canals, fillings, and crowns).
  • Signs of Oral Cancer (i.e., white lesions or blocked salivary glands).
  • Suspicious growth or cysts.
  • Improper teeth position (i.e., spacing and bite).
  • Symptoms of teeth grinding and clenching.