Dental Implants Near You

Placing dental implants provides patients with the look and functionality of natural teeth. Dental implants are a restorative dental treatment used to replace missing teeth. They are a more natural-feeling alternative to dentures and dental bridges.

dental implants in Dearborn

A Long-Term Solution for Missing Teeth

Are you looking to receive dental implants in Dearborn? Please get in touch with our office to schedule a consultation if you’re looking to receive dental implants near you. Our team will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Dental implants consist of titanium anchors surgically inserted into the jaw bone. The implant serves as an artificial tooth root. During the dental implant procedure, the jawbone and titanium anchors are bonded. Once the jawbone heals and fuses with the dental implant, an abutment is placed on top of it, connecting it to the crown.

Missing teeth alter the shape of the face over time; luckily, dental implants can preserve the facial structure. However, only some qualify as a candidate for dental implants. Patients must have healthy gums and sufficient bone structure to support the implant(s). When a patient loses a tooth, the jawbone begins to change; it can shrink or become thin, which reduces the chances of successful dental implant placement. Royal Dentistry provides quality dental implants near you that you can trust. Contact us if you are looking for dental implants in Dearborn, MI.

Obtaining Dental Implants in Dearborn, MI 48124

The dental implant procedure is a three-step process, meaning patients must visit their dentist multiple times. In addition, patients need to visit their dentist regularly after the placement of dental implants to ensure and sustain their durability.

Although receiving dental implants near you is costlier than other teeth replacement solutions, they closely simulate the appearance and function of natural teeth. For these reasons, receiving dental implants near you are worthy of investment.

Dental Implant Procedure: Step-By-Step

The following steps are performed when you contact our dentist near you for dental implants.

1. The dentist will place a titanium post into your jaw. Over several weeks, the centre will fuse with your body.
2. We will place a small cap over the post to prepare for your implant.
3. We take impressions to create your custom-fit crown. We will place a temporary crown while you wait.
4. The new custom-made tooth will be permanently placed on your implant.

Once the dental implant procedure is completed, patients can use their new teeth just as they normally would. Patients who wear dentures can greatly benefit from dental implants. Dentures can make day-to-day- functions difficult and uncomfortable as they lack stability and require sticky adhesives. Furthermore, patients can enjoy their favourite foods with dental implants without dietary restrictions.

With good oral hygiene, a dental implant can last up to 20 years or longer without needing replacement.