Wisdom Tooth Extractions Near You

A tooth extraction removes a tooth that causes a patient to develop pain or oral health issues. This dental procedure is recommended to patients for several reasons. The most common sense is when a patient’s tooth is impacted and cannot grow normally and erupt from the gums.

There are two types of tooth extractions which include simple extractions and wisdom tooth extractions.

Simple Tooth Extractions

Dentists recommend simple tooth extraction in Dearborn to patients experiencing persistent tooth sensitivity or advanced periodontal disease. The dentist removes the affected tooth during a simple tooth extraction procedure.

Simple tooth extractions are necessary during the following situations:

  • The patient has advanced periodontal disease
  • The patient has extra teeth or primary teeth impending on adult teeth
  • The patient is receiving orthodontic treatment
  • The patient has a fractured tooth
  • The patient has severe tooth decay that cannot be treated with root canal therapy
tooth extractions in Dearborn

Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Dearborn, MI

Wisdom teeth are the last to emerge, and most patients’ wisdom teeth appear during their late teens or early twenties. Typically, receiving wisdom tooth extractions in Dearborn is required when a patient does not have enough room in their mouth for the wisdom teeth to erupt fully. When a tooth does not fully erupt from the gums, it can become impacted and grow, harming a patient’s oral health. Also, an impacted tooth can result in infection, damage to surrounding teeth, and cysts and tumours in the mouth.

Reasons to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Not all wisdom teeth require removal; however, wisdom teeth extractions near you may be performed under the following circumstances:

  • Damage to nearby teeth: impacted wisdom teeth can cause the neighbouring teeth to develop, decay, periodontal disease, and bone loss.
  • Disease: cysts and tumours can develop in the mouth when impacted teeth are present.
  • Infection can occur in the mouth when food particles and bacteria become lodged under the gum tissue.
  • Tooth crowding: impacted teeth place pressure on surrounding teeth, and this can cause misalignment.

After Tooth Extractions

The dentist performing the dental extraction will provide patients with post-surgery instructions. Patients need to follow all of their provided instructions, as they need to do so to avoid unnecessary complications. Note that the amount of time required for the area to heal fully depends on the patient. Are they looking for tooth extractions in Dearborn, MI? We provide dental extractions near you!