Can I Have All My Teeth Removed and Replaced With Implants?

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Can I Have All My Teeth Removed and Replaced With Implants

Although dental implants are the current gold standard for tooth replacement, can you get all of your teeth replaced with them? Yes, but the main query is: How do you want to approach it? Utilizing the advantages of dental implants, modern dentistry provides various options for replacing all or the majority of your teeth.

Find out more about dentures near you to replace all of your teeth and other replacement tooth alternatives for your upper jaw, lower jaw, or entire mouth. And discover how implant tooth replacements can enhance your quality of life and reinstate your normal dental function.

Can You Get All Your Teeth Replaced?

If you so desire, you can replace each tooth with a single dental implant replacement treatment. Such a process, meanwhile, would be too expensive and take a very long time. But for those who are missing most or all of their teeth, single-tooth implants are not the best solution.

A complete arch dental implant prosthesis is the finest approach to permanently replacing all of your teeth on the upper or lower jaw. A full arch prosthesis may have you thinking, “Isn’t that just a denture?” The best of both worlds can only be achieved with an implant-supported prosthetic arch, thanks to recent developments in implant dentistry technology.

Tooth Replacement options

Because only four dental implants may help a whole row of teeth, the full-mouth implant process requires substantially less jawbone grafting. Because your dentist can pick implant placement sites where the jawbone has good density and volume, patients often don’t need bone grafting. You could use implants to replace all of your teeth in the following ways:

  • All-on-4 Operation

In an All-on-4 operation, four to eight dental implants are used to support an upper or lower jaw permanent full-arch prosthetic. Patients who undergo an All-on-4 procedure frequently receive brand-new teeth in just one day. Whether you are a good candidate for a teeth-in-a-day procedure will be determined with the assistance of your implant dentist near you or your implant dental surgeon.

Implants’ support for your bite force allows you to resume an unrestricted diet, which is the best part.

  • Implant Dentistry

A prosthesis is attached to your jaw using two to six dental implants in an implant denture. The implants, which maintain your biting force against your jawbone while you chew and lessen your food restrictions, are permanently attached to the denture.

  • Dentures That Snap On

Dentures that snap on function similarly to those that are implant-retained. The prosthesis in your lower jaw is supported by two to six dental implants. However, snap-on dentures are just as simple to put in and take out of your mouth as detachable dentures. A snap-on denture, however, encourages healthy jawbone growth in contrast to a conventional removable denture.

How Do I Select the Best Treatment?

When it comes to using dental implants to restore your teeth, there is no one-way approach. Your unique needs, tastes, and advice from your implant dentist in Dearborn will all play a role in determining the best course of action for you. Your dentist will help you choose the best course of treatment during your free in-person consultation based on your exam, needs, and preferences. Dental implants serve as the foundation to maintain your natural facial structure and oral functionality.

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