Dental Implants in Dearborn That Can Restore Your Smile

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dental implant restore your smile

Dental implants may be ideal if you’ve been subjected to tooth loss, whether that means losing one tooth or several. Dental implants can restore and complete your smile by replacing missing teeth with permanent and natural crowns. Given the proper care, these crowns function like real teeth and can last a lifetime. You don’t have to let tooth loss prevent you from smiling confidently, eating, and enjoying a full set of teeth; continue reading about dental implants near you.

Dental Implants Explained

Dental implants are artificial replacement teeth constructed from ceramic and attached to small titanium rods. The implant itself is surgically inserted into your jawbone and fuses with it. Once the implant has fused, your dentist will anchor crowns on top of the implant, which will become permanently attached to your mouth. Unlike dentures or other replacement options for your teeth, dental implants are not removable and are a permanent solution. In addition, they won’t ever require adjustments as they fit perfectly into your jawbone.

Choosing Dental Implants

Why should you invest in dental implants instead of other replacement options? The answer is simple. Dental implants feel like your own teeth and are undetectable. They will blend seamlessly with your smile and are designed to match the exact shade of your natural teeth. Also, replacing your missing teeth with dental implants will prevent bone loss, as the implants will stimulate the bone underneath your teeth and stabilize your jaw.
Do you know that denture wearers often complain about looking older or having a “sunken-in” appearance? That’s because dentures don’t support your facial muscles, causing them to sag and make you look older. Why choose to age faster?

Another benefit offered by dental implants is their comfort and customization. With dental implants, you won’t have to fret about the poor fit or discomfort associated with wearing dentures. Cams and adhesives won’t be necessary since your dental implants are fixed.

If you’re interested in dental implants in Dearborn, schedule a consultation with a dentist near you today!