What is right for you? Dental Implant Vs Dentures

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our dentist explaining about dental implants or dentures

Tooth loss is a really common dental consequence patients face. Nearly 70% of adults have had an infection or injury resulting in losing one or more teeth.

Lack of treatment for a missing tooth can cause painful and costly long-term health problems. After missing a tooth, blood flow is reduced, and the jawbone starts to reabsorb. It leads to sunken cheeks and an aged appearance. Tooth loss also increases your risk of tooth decay and gum disease because food and bacteria easily become lodged in your gums. The dental infection has been linked to both heart disease and diabetes, along with several systemic diseases.

The remaining teeth start to move to fill the gap. Then, the lower jaw and mouth structure becomes unstable, leading to the loss of even more teeth. Dental implants and plates are a popular alternative to avoid the consequences of missing teeth. Moreover, absent teeth affect your overall self-esteem. Today, there is no need to be ashamed. You deserve a solution that restores your confidence and gives you a natural-looking smile.

Many options are available to fix your smile at a dental clinic in Dearborn. Deciding which procedure is right for you can be challenging. Here are some characteristics of both dentures and implants to help you choose.

Regarding the remaining jawbone and facial structure, dental implants lead the way. They preserve the bone and keep you looking youthful. Contrary to dentures which decrease jawbone quality. Dental implants also offer a long-lasting solution since they help to restore normal chewing capacity without slipping and moving around.

False teeth are a more reasonably priced choice for tooth replacement. While comparing costs, dental implants in Dearborn do not exceed the price of dentures. Contrarily, dentures have additional expenses (like fixatives and cleaning solutions) that might increase the final price.

Likewise, make sure you have insurance coverage. Commonly, dentures are covered by insurance programs. Conversely, dental implants are often classified as cosmetic procedures, and their costs aren’t covered.

However, dental implants are worth making long-term investments. They’re a permanent solution that can last for a lifetime. Implants are more costly, but they last longer, and this translates into fewer future dentist appointments since they do not need special treatment.

Dentures near you are the most popular solution for people with missing sets of teeth rather than only a few teeth missing. Nevertheless, false teeth have to be secured with denture adhesive. Otherwise, they might slip out or become unadjusted while eating or speaking, causing discomfort and leading to infection and tooth decay.

From comfort to overall performance, dental implants far surpass dentures. Dental implants feel and function completely organic, like your natural teeth. There’s no irritation to your gums, and you don’t have to risk embarrassing yourself by your denture moving out of place. Besides, cleaning and caring for them is easy. It would help to brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss daily.

Treatment times are typically shorter than implants, depending on factors like the type of denture (partial or full). However, dentures can be a faster solution. Also, the healing time during an implant procedure is considerably longer.

These are only a few pros and cons for you to consider. To ensure you are making the best decision, you should schedule a visit with your dentist. Starting with an evaluation and checking if you are a more suitable candidate for one option than another is the best way to decide. Consult with your dentist for detailed information and inform them of any substantial doubts you might have.