Broken Denture Counts as a Dental Emergency?

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does a broken denture count as a dental emergency?

Patients can deal with many dental emergencies, such as a lost filling, a broken tooth, a loose crown, or even broken dentures. A dental emergency can happen suddenly and without any warning. It can throw a wrench in your day and leave you panicking, grabbing your phone and calling the nearest emergency dentist in Dearborn, praying for the best.

Do Broken Dentures Constitute a Dental Emergency?

While some individuals may use partial dentures in Dearborn to replace an extracted tooth or dental implant gone wrong, other patients require complete dentures to assist them with daily tasks such as speaking, chewing, and smiling. In these scenarios, getting your dentures fixed as soon as possible is vital so you can use your teeth again without disrupting your daily activities.

Sometimes, patients have backup dentures in case of damage, which can ease the pressure to get the original set fixed. However, backup dentures likely do not fit well, so for comfort and optimal oral health, it is best to get a replacement from your dentist near you as soon as possible.

How Do Dentures Break?

Since dentures near you are meant to restore your smile and functionality, they are built to be extremely sturdy; however, there are still several ways they can break. One way that dentures can break is from heavy impact. They can break or crack if you drop your dentures from a great enough height or place them under heavy pressure.

Another way that dentures can become damaged is from regular wear and tear. While dentures are durable, they are not as strong as your natural teeth and will wear down over time. Therefore, as you use dentures for long periods, your set will wear down and become more vulnerable to breakage.

Eating the wrong kinds of foods can lead to permanent damage to your dentures. Like natural teeth, regular ingestion of sugary and acidic foods can break dentures down as time goes on, leading to damage and eventual breakage. Furthermore, eating hard foods such as seeds and nuts can crack your dentures.

How Can Dentures Be Repaired?

If your dentures break, you should visit our team at Royal Dentistry as soon as possible. Those who have a spare set of dentures should utilize them until their primary set is repaired.

Our dentist may do many things to repair your broken dentures. One solution is relining, a procedure in which dentures are adjusted to fit more comfortably in your mouth. It is a minor reparation and can be completed in one day.

More seriously damaged dentures may require that our dentist sends them to a dental laboratory, or you may need an entirely new set of dentures. Regardless of the situation, our dentist can ensure they choose the right solution for your specific needs so that you get your dentures back in no time.

The Bottom Line

If your dentures become broken or damaged, it is considered a dental emergency, and you should visit our team of dedicated dental professionals at Royal Dentistry as soon as possible. No matter what, you should speak to a dental professional about the best steps to take concerning repairing your dentures and maintaining your oral health.