Four Transformative Same-Day Dental Procedures

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Good, bad, or otherwise, there are lots of reasons why many people dread or avoid dental work. It may have something to do with natural dental fear and anxiety, but it also often comes down to inconvenience. Some dental procedures that can transform the health and appearance of your teeth and smile are used to take multiple appointments. Many people need more time and schedule interruptions to take advantage of those potentially transformative procedures.

Thanks to constant developments and innovations in dental techniques, technologies, and materials, some multi-day procedures can now be accomplished in a single day. If you’ve been avoiding any of these procedures — and missing out on the benefits that flow from them — because they’ve been inconvenient and time-consuming, maybe it’s time to re-think your options. Here’s something that you may not know.

You can now get crowns in a single day

Crowns can protect damaged teeth vulnerable to splitting but surround the weak tooth with tight support from the biting surface to the gum line. They can also support dental bridges or have a badly misshapen or discolored tooth. At one time, getting crowns required multiple appointments. Now, the CEREC system using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) permits the design and preparation of ceramic crowns in our office while you wait.

You can now get bridges in a single day at a dental clinic in Dearborn

Bridges close the gap left behind by missing teeth by supporting artificial teeth. That traditional form of bridge attaches to crowns placed over the top of healthy teeth on one or both ends of the gap in your jaw. For a long time, Bridges have had the disadvantage of requiring multiple appointments. Now, the same CEREC, CAD and CAM technology that allows same-day crowns can solve this problem in one day. Walk into your dental clinic in Dearborn with a multi-tooth gap in your smile, and walk out the same day with the gap filled.

You can be fit with veneers in just one appointment at a dentist near you

Veneers are thin shells placed over your teeth’ faces transforming their width, length, shape, color, consistency, and spacing. The steps to receive veneers — measuring your teeth, preparing veneers, preparing your teeth, and bonding your veneers — used to take two separate appointments (even for just a single tooth). Advanced techniques and materials now mean you can receive veneers to create a new smile in just one appointment.

A dental clinic in Dearborn can provide same-day dental implants

This one may surprise you. Dental implants are a permanent solution for tooth loss. Implants are an alternative to dentures (full or partial), traditional bridges, and toothlessness. Traditionally, implants have required several procedures months apart to allow healing from the original implant surgery. If you’re an appropriate candidate, those delays can now be eliminated, and the time required can be reduced to a single appointment. In just one dental visit, 3D digital imaging and advanced surgical techniques allow our dentist in Dearborn to place implants and attach permanent restorations — a tooth, a bridge, a crown — in one appointment.

Suppose time is a factor — and we respect your time — in your dental care and treatment decisions. In that case, we want you to know we’re making constant and transformative investments in training, equipment, materials, facilities, and staffing. The goal of all those investments has been to provide you with the fullest possible range of services as quickly and conveniently as possible — including many on the very same day.
If you’ve sacrificed your oral health to your schedule, you don’t need to sacrifice or delay even a moment longer. Contact a dentist near you to maximize your oral health quickly and conveniently.