Do You Know How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

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How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life?

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, you have many more options than choosing between gaps in your smile and removable dentures or bridges. Thanks to advances in dental materials, technologies, and techniques, you can choose from a full menu of permanent solutions based on titanium dental implants.
Are you ready to explore permanent solutions to your missing teeth without limiting yourself to dentures? Here is the information you need to know to consider how implants can solve tooth loss issues. When you’re ready to take the first step to claim one of these solutions, contact a dentist near you for their advice.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are built of three elements: a titanium post; an abutment that connects the post to the restoration; and a restoration (the final and functional tooth, crown, bridge, or denture that fills the former gap in your jaw). The titanium post inserted into your jaw is accepted as a new natural root through osseointegration. It will even stimulate new bone growth in your jaw.

Dental implants are not replacement teeth so much as they are replacement roots that can anchor individual teeth, sets of teeth, or other restorations to replace one or more missing teeth. There are implants designed to cover four scenarios: replacing a single tooth with a single implant; replacing multiple teeth with an implant-supported bridge; replacing most of your teeth with implant-supported dentures; and even atrophic maxilla dental implants for patients with poor bone density. Finally, even people with small jaws who could not formally receive dental implants can now — thanks to continuing advancements — opt for implant-based solutions to tooth loss.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants in Dearborn are strong

Dental implant posts are crafted from titanium — a chemical element alloyed with iron, molybdenum, vanadium, and aluminum to form a lightweight substance used in everything from the space and military industry to help you chew your favorite meals. Titanium’s corrosion resistance and high strength-to-density ratio make it an ideal substance for medical prostheses, orthopedic implants, and dental implants.

Dental implants improve your overall health

Tooth loss is a health issue, not just a dental issue. People missing teeth are often forced to sacrifice the food they love and the nutrition they need because they can not process it. Loading up on carbohydrates — or worse, pudding — is unhealthy because it’s easier to chew than fruit, vegetables, and meat. The resulting malnutrition can contribute to and exacerbate other serious medical conditions. Modern dental implants can resolve these issues, get you eating properly again, and improve your general health.

Your jaw will be all the healthier and stronger for receiving dental implants, too. As your titanium post is integrated into your jaw bone, new bone growth will be stimulated. Your implants will remain cavity-free forever and help protect adjacent teeth from developing cavities.

Dental implants, depending on whether they’re used to replace single teeth, support a bridge to replace multiple teeth, or replace large numbers of teeth by supporting dentures, permanently restore full dental function. Dental implants are not temporary patches but will solve tooth loss issues for your lifetime with proper care and attention to oral and jaw health.

Without exaggeration, the right dental implant for your tooth loss experience can change your life. If you’ve been settling for a life characterized by tooth loss and gaps in your smile that have undermined your appearance, confidence, health, and dental function, it’s time to stop settling. Modern dental implants offer a wide range of solutions to those problems. Contact a dentist near you to discover how dental implants in Dearborn can help restore your smile and health.