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At Royal Dentistry, we want you to have the best results regarding your precious smile! If you want a dental crown because your tooth has been chipped, stained or decayed, our dental clinic near you can help! Our dental clinic in Dearborn offers porcelain dental crowns.

Dental crowns are used for misshapen and damaged or discolored teeth. A dental crown will cap your tooth, restoring its appearance, size and shape. It will also look very natural next to your actual teeth.

Who Needs A Dental Crown?

Usually, dental crowns can be used when:

  • You want to secure a dental bridge
  • Covering a tooth with a dental filling
  • Covering a dental implant
  • Strengthening your tooth
  • Protecting weakened teeth
  • Restoring a broken/worn tooth
  • Covering discolored or misshapen teeth
  • Improving aesthetics

What Are The Benefits of Dental Crowns

There are many benefits to getting a dental crown, including the following:

  • Supporting teeth that suffered from decay
  • Protecting teeth from more damage
  • Protecting your teeth after root canal treatment
  • Improving the shape or color of your tooth
  • Durability—they can last anywhere between five to fifteen years with proper care
  • A high success rate

Receiving Dental Crowns in Dearborn

At Royal Dentistry, we take the time to ensure your crowns will be best suited for you. There are several steps we take when you are preparing to get a crown:

  • Teeth numbing – your teeth and gums will be numbed.
  • Preparing the tooth – we will take impressions to ensure the best shape and fit for your tooth.
  • Temporary crown – you will wear a temporary crown until we have prepared your permanent one.
  • Securing the permanent crown – the permanent crown will be secured through cementation once your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned.
  • Adjustments – we check to ensure your crown will not provide discomfort by being too close or far from adjacent teeth.
  • Final touches – we will secure the crown into place and remove any excess cement
  • Checking your bite – we double-check to ensure you feel comfortable with your crown.

How To Care For Your Dental Crowns

After receiving dental crowns, you want to ensure they last as long as possible. These tips will help you maintain your dental crowns:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day – ensure you are brushing for at least two minutes
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Avoid eating hard and sticky foods such as nuts and caramels
  • Avoid chewing gum

What To Do If Your Dental Crowns Are Damaged

While your smile might look great, there are cases where you may have a damaged crown. Not only can it be frustrating, but it can also be painful. If you have a broken crown, visit a dental clinic near you as soon as possible! A dentist can see the damage’s root cause and recommend how to fix and prevent it in the future. There may be instances where the crown is still intact and can be saved and others where you may need a temporary crown. Regardless of whether you chipped or broke your crown, always consult a dental clinic near you for steps on what to do next.

Questions? Visit Our Dental Clinic Near You Today!

If you have concerns or are considering a dental crown, visit our dental clinic in Dearborn! We offer quality dental crowns near you! Book a consultation with us today and find out if you’re eligible.