What Happens After You Get Dental Implants?

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post dental implant

There are many options available today for replacing a missing tooth or two. Dental implants in Dearborn are one efficient and secure way to replace missing teeth with fresh ones that will last a lifetime. These new teeth will be directly attached to your jaw like your regular teeth. However, once the treatment is done, you must take proper care of your dental implants. 

Since this is a surgical procedure, proper aftercare is crucial for starting with your new teeth in the right way. The following is crucial advice, but let’s examine how the treatment functions. 

How Does the Treatment Work?

 You exchange tooth roots with metal tooth posts by getting dental implants near you. For your implant, the dental posts function like screws. 

Your dentist will recommend a suitable dental procedure depending on whether you have an allergy or a condition affecting your jaw; one example includes a bone or tissue graft. Even though this might take some time, it will create a solid foundation for your dental implant.  

Once the surgery is completed, patients must follow other post-operative instructions, refraining from mouthwash, spitting, or touching their mouth for a few hours to prevent irritating the surgery. Let’s get to know them:


Your dental implant will need some time to heal. Due to this, you need to stick to eating soft foods or just a liquid diet for a few days. Ensure not to consume food that requires a lot of chewing until they have healed. Mashed potatoes, soup, yoghurt, and oatmeal are all good options. 

Additionally, refrain from using straws and other practices that could make your mouth feel more compressed. 

Managing Pain

You can start taking the painkillers your dentist has prescribed as soon as the anaesthetic from the dental implant surgery wears off.  

Your mouth may bleed or swell for the first two days. The pain, however, will go. But if there is a lot of discomfort and your painkillers are not working, reach out to a dentist near you to examine the implant’s site. 


To avoid infection at the surgical site, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics. It would help if you began using the oral rinse twice daily, along with warm salt water, the day after surgery. Rinse at least four times per day. 

Avoid Any Challenging Activities

Like any other surgery, you must take it easy for the first few days following your procedure. Refrain from being active and lifting heavy things since doing so might cause a blood clot to form, putting undue pressure on the implant sites.       

Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene

It is a myth that dental implants mean less care since they are artificial teeth. However, that is not true. Dental implants should be treated like regular teeth, including brushing and flossing. Even if the tooth is a fake, a gum infection may still negatively affect the implant’s reaction in your jaw. 

Ready for your Dental Implants?

Every individual case is diverse; thus, dental implant recovery happens to depend on each person differently. Taking proper care of your oral hygiene helps maintain your dental health. The implant needs to be clean for the jawbone to fuse properly. Plus, they can serve you longer when you take care of your new teeth. 

Our dentist at Royal Dentistry will serve you with proper medications. You can contact us directly if you face any discomfort after getting implants from a dental office in Dearborn. Also, remember that follow-up visits are equally important during your recovery time. 

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