Why to Ask a Dentist to Whiten Your Teeth

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why to ask a dentist to whiten your teeth

You have many options for teeth whitening in Dearborn — some good and others, well, less good. After all, seemingly endless elements can stain and discolor your teeth despite your best efforts to brush and floss daily.

What are those tooth-staining elements? Factors ranging from age to serious injury and infection to the side effects of certain medications, habits like smoking, and food and drink like curries, pomegranates, blueberries, coffee, tea, and red wine.

The options include over-the-counter whitening tray kits, whitening strips, whitening rinses, whitening toothpaste, whitening chewing gums, at-home whitening kits with the supervision of a dentist, and professional chair-side whitening.
What’s the best option? Professional teeth whitening with the support of your dentist in Dearborn — either at home with materials supplied by your dentist after consultation or chairside whitening in your dentist’s office. Here are seven reasons that professional teeth whitening is your best option.

  1. Professional teeth whitening is safer than products purchased over the counter or online. While stronger, they’re more applied with the proper equipment and your dentist’s expertise. Your dentist knows how much to use, where, and how often.
  2. Teeth whitening by a dentist in Dearborn is more effective because your dentist can tweak their bleaching compounds precisely for the stains on your teeth.
  3. Many people find that whitening compounds cause teeth sensitivity. Your local grocer won’t be able to adjust those compounds to deal with that while still achieving your goals. Your dentist can.
  4. Strange as it may seem, teeth aren’t white at their whitest. White teeth would stand out glaringly and shockingly in your jaw. Your dentist will adjust the materials and techniques so that your whiter teeth will look completely natural — just whiter.
  5. Whitening with help from your dentist in Dearborn is faster than DIY options. Your dentist can whiten your teeth in just a single appointment with several shades.
  6. Professional teeth whitening lasts longer than DIY options. How long? Professional teeth whitening results will last as long as one year without repeating the process.
  7. Your dentist understands that not every type of stain responds to bleaching products. For example, teeth discolored by the side effects of medication or as the result of serious tooth infections can not be bleached with whitening products. That knowledge may save you money, time, frustration, and disappointment. Better yet, our dentist in Dearborn will be able to offer you cosmetic dentistry options to resolve those stains, too.

Teeth whitening isn’t appropriate for everyone

Teeth whitening products may not be appropriate for you. It is something else that the cashiers at your local grocery store may not be able to tell you. Some people experience heightened teeth sensitivity from teeth whitening products, though this can be eased with adjustments by our dentist. Overusing whiteners can damage your gums and teeth, although your dentist and their staff are trained to know just how much product to use at any time to achieve your goals. You should not receive teeth whitening if you’re under 14, pregnant or breastfeeding.
Of course, there’s at least one more reason to ask a dentist near you to whiten your teeth. Your teeth are important. If they weren’t, you might not care what color they were. Strong as your teeth are, they’re also vulnerable, just as your lips, mouth, and gums are. You could apply bleaching chemicals in your mouth, but should you? Contact our dentist near you, and let them put their professional expertise and experience to work for your new smile.